About Me

After four years in art school and two years of work experience in communication design agencies, waiting for an apple to drop on my head, and trying my hand at publication design, branding, illustration, I found it was the idea and insight that powered these mediums (rather than the medium itself) was something that really drove me to create an impact with a project.

This led me to do my masters in Design Management and Cultures from London College of Communication, where through subjects like trend forecasting, design and cultural meaning I became interested in the value of ethical design especially with regards to technology and the importance of qualitative and cultural research in design.

I am currently interning at a cyber security firm in London as a brand executive - a role based in the cross section of marketing, design and brand management.

Besides this, illustrating is something I enjoy doing personally, and by force of habit think about the futileness of things.

If you feel like we have similar thought bubbles and are eager to collaborate, do drop me a line!

Photo by Patcharaporn Point Ravirujiphan